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Your Portrait Session:

Sessions typically take one-two hours. Newborn sessions often last up to three hours, with breaks for feedings and calming. Newborns are also best photographed the first week you are home, as they are more sleepy and bendable for posing. Please be on time for your session. Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel. All sessions at this time are on location or in your home. Extra fee if over 30 minutes of travel time. The session fee covers the photographer's time for set-up, post-session production of prints (editing and retouching), and an online proof gallery for 30 days. If you would like to discuss anything about your session prior, which I am very happy to do and recommend, any consultation, prior or even after to help you with your order, is also included in the session fee.

A Note to Parents:

Children can be sometimes shy, or the total opposite quite active and outgoing. Please do not get upset with your children if you think they are behaving badly, not listening, or won’t even smile! I am totally prepared for children to be “doing their own thing”, I expect it, and it is typical! If you get frustrated with your children during the session, they will sense this. While I love for the parents to be involved, I may ask you to let me do all the talking or let me have a conversation or walk with your child (in your view at all times) just so they start to feel more comfortable and are able to relax. I want you all to have an enjoyable time at your session. I know it can be stressful getting ready, and getting to your appointment on time, but I hope that once you arrive all of your nerves and stresses will soon disappear and we can get down to having a good time.

Highschool Seniors:

Please contact me for more info about senior sessions. This is a very momentous time in your life, I want to capture your individuality at this time, and have suggestions to make your session really fun. A typical cap/gown, senior drape session is also available.

Clothing Recommendations:

After you book your session and need suggestions about what to wear- contact me and I will email you my What to Wear Guide that contains a list of clothing websites for kids, families, and maternity. Do not stress!! :)

For maternity sessions, a nicely ironed white man's shirt looks great, as does a snug fitting top such as a sports/yoga bra top. Other suggestions – a shrug or poncho, I also have material that we can wrap around you or you may bring your own. Maternity pants should be dark colored- avoid ones where the band will show up. Maternity clients should roll the waistband of their pants below the bulk of the tummy about 30 minutes before arriving for their sessions to prevent the visible elastic impression on the tummy. Typically, around 7 months in the pregnancy is when to be photographed, but is up to the individual. A consultation prior to the shoot is preferred, we can talk about what types of pictures you would prefer and also any special items you would like to include in the pictures.

Newborns photograph best unclothed. Dress your infant in loose-fitting clothes so no creases or fabric impressions will be visible after removing the clothes. If you do not feel comfortable having your infant photographed without clothing, please dress him/her in the simplest outfit you have. Again, a consultation prior to the shoot is beneficial to producing images that reflect the personality of the family.

A note about glasses: If you wear prescription eyeglasses, I suggest that for your portrait session, you bring lens less frames to prevent glass glare from the sun or studio flash. I try my best to prevent glare, but doesn’t always happen. Retouching will be expensive.

After the Session:

Within one-two weeks of your session, I will post an online web gallery of your proofs and email you a link. This link can be shared with family and friends. The online gallery will be active for 30 days. After that, a fee will apply to repost your gallery. You choose which poses you like and the sizes you want to order. You may send me your order with payment. Once your order is paid for and processed, I usually have the portraits within 2 weeks. I will call when your order is ready if it is to be picked up or due to distance, will be shipped directly to you.

File storage:

After an order has been made within 30 days of the proof gallery posting, all images will be archived and available for purchase for one year. Images will be purged if no purchase has been made by the end of the 30 days.

Copyright notice:

All images are protected by federal copyright laws. Reproduction in any form is prohibited and is subject to fines. This includes, but is not limited to; scanning, emailing, copying and printing via an at home printer. Please DO NOT put images on Facebook, MySpace, or any other internet websites without my permission.

Sales & Payment :

All sales are final. Due to the custom nature of this work, refunds are unavailable. Full payment is due at time of order. Accepting cash, checks, and credit cards.

**prices subject to change without notice 1/2014

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